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            Haian sanyi forging co.,ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production of forging parts for various industries such as railway gusset plate

            PartsR & D and manufacturing

            Forging Domestic forged partsIndustry brand


            Metal products company specializing in the supply of pressing plates,
            railway pressing plates and forging parts

            High quality enterprise management、Technological innovationandSales service team


            GOOD COMPANY GOOD PRODUCT 購買壓板,鐵路壓板,鍛造件認準我們

            Good company, good product

            High brand awareness 品牌認知度高

            Our company continuously improves the product performance and after-sales service quality. Over the years, our unremitting efforts have won the trust of the majority of users, and our products sell well at home and abroad.

            Long service life 產品使用壽命長

            Specializing in the production of all kinds of railway gusset plates, mining machinery, bridges, electric power, highways, railways, ships and other industries with forged parts

            Wide range of applications 產品種類多,客戶滿意度高

            Our company's product platen, railway platen and forging parts are deeply loved by customers

            Provide a complete solution 為客戶提供完整的解決方

            Take customer demand as our center, provide customers with "one-stop service" of technology, maintenance and use training.

            ABOUT US 關于我們

            Serve customers attentively

            Hai'an Sanyi Forging Co., Ltd. is a forging production and processing enterprise, specializing in the production of various types of railway track gusset plate, lifting machinery track pressing plate, automobile forging parts, vehicle tools, mechanical parts and ship, power and other industries forging parts. The factory has more than 200 various forging production equipment and heat treatment lines. Professional, excellent production management team and a group of dedicated, skilled operators, and has a special technical research and development department and testing department. The company's products are of good quality. The production of various railway gusset plates, lifting machinery track pressing plates, vehicle tools and auto parts are all in the leading position of domestic similar finished products. We have a long-term stable cooperation with customers. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asian countries, and have won the praise of our customers. Sanyi team will be professional production technology and quality products, looking forward to your drawings, samples or materials processing customization, we will serve you wholeheartedly! We are looking forward to developing together with all our friends and creating a more brilliant career!

            NEWS 新聞資訊

            Forging technical equipment information

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